I am continously working on getting 9 Beet Stretch around – suggestions and tips are welcome.

Full length 24 hours concerts:

• Seoul National University, College of Music, Seoul. Curated by Per Magnus Lindborg (october 2018).
• Brainwaves: The Future is Fluid, The Rubin Museum of Art, New York. Curated by Tim McHenry / David Eagleman (february 2018).
• Karajan / FH Salzburg Classical Music Hack Day, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg. Curated by Matthias Röder (april 2017).
• Imir Scenekunst, Stavanger. Curated by Rickard Borgström (february 2016)
• Tempo! Tempo! Tempo!, Gruppe 38, Aarhus. Curated by Zetland (november 2015).
• Tempo! Tempo! Tempo!, The Rabbit Hole, København. Curated by Zetland (november 2015).
Maerz Musik, Schaltzentrale, Kraftwerk, Berlin. Curated by Berno Odo Polzer (march 2015).
• March Music Moderne IV, Milepost 5, Portland. Curated by Bob Priest / Independent Artists of Milepost 5 (march 2014).
• Naisa Radio / Nuit Blanche, Old City Hall, Toronto. Curated by Christina Ritchie + Darren Copeland / NAISA – New Adventures in Sound Art (september 2012).
Brückenmusik 18, Deutzer Brücke, Köln. Curated by Hans W. Koch + Jens Brand (july 2012)
AV Festival 12, Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle. Curated by Rebecca Shatwell (march 2012)
Wats: On? 2011 – The Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts, CFA Great Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Curated by Spike Wolff + Pablo Garcia (march 2011)
• Sense of Art: Sound Art, 18 Rabbit Gallery, Fort Lauderdale. Curated by Leah Brown (february 2011)
Impakt Festival 2009, Werfkelder, Utrecht. Curated by Stoffel Debuysere (october 2009)
• Forskningsdagene 2009 / HuskonsePt 2009, Music Conservatory of Tromsø Tromsø Curated by Geir Davidsen (september 2009)
• Forskningsdagene 2008 / HuskonsePt 08, Music Conservatory of Tromsø Tromsø Curated by Geir Davidsen (september 2008)
OCMA – The Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach. Curated by Karen Moss + Dean Corey (may 2008)
• Dialoge, Mozart Geburtshaus, Salzburg. Curated by Berno Odo Polzer + Stephan Pauly (december 2007)
• Art.xxXtenxion, SimpliPrivacy, Second Life. Curated by Pomodoro Bolzano (september 2007)
• Art.xxXtenxion, Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel, Regensburg. Curated by Pomodoro Bolzano (september 2007)
• John Baldessari: Music, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn. Curated by Christina Vegh / John Baldessari (june 2007)
• Black Light Radio, Owasso / radio. Curated by Gene Savage (may 2007).
• Performatik 3, Kaaitheaterstudio's, Brussel. Curated by Berno Odo Polzer (february 2007)
• Copernicum – Table of the Elements Festival no. 5, at The Independents, Issue Project Room, New York. Curated by Regina Greene + Suzanne Fiol (january 2007)
Wien Modern 2006, Wiener Konzerthaus, Wien. Curated by Berno Odo Polzer (november 2006)
• Bohrium – Table of the Elements Festival no. 4, Eyedrum, Atlanta. Curated by Jeff Hunt (september 2006)
• BizArt Art Center, Shanghai. Curated by Davide Quadrio + Xu Zhen (april 2006)
• Dubnium – Table of the Elements Festival no. 3, at SXSW 2006 - South by SouthWest Festival, Central Presbyterian Church, Austin. Curated by Jeff Hunt (march 2006)
Rom for Kunst og Arkitektur, Oslo. Curated by Henrik der Minassian (october 2005)
Borealis05 – Bergen Contemporary Music Festival, in the 11th century Bergen Cathedral. Curated by Nicholas Møllerhaug (march 2005)
• Diapason Gallery, New York. Curated by Michael J. Schumacher (october 2004)
• Zeke's Gallery, Montreal. Curated by Chris Hand (october 2004)
Ultima – Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Norsk Form, Oslo. Curated by Bjarne Kvinnsland / Notam (october 2004)
• FreeRadioSAIC – Experimental Radio from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago / radio. Curated by Scott Lockard (september 2004).
• 964 Natoma, San Francisco. Curated by Aaron Ximm (april 2004)
• Kupfer Ironworks, Madison. Curated by Jeff Hunt / Table of the Elements + John Martens / Kupfer Ironworks (april 2004)
Opsound, New York / webstream. Curated by Sal Randolph / Opsound (april 2004).

9 Beet Stretch has been presented as installation, ½ concerts, otherwise segmented concerts or in parts at various venues, like at Alte Oper, Frankfurt (during Musikfest Nachmittag eines Fauns); Echoraum, Wien (during Shut up and Listen! – Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art); Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket, København (during Slow); [ars]numerica, Numerica – European Center for Digital Arts (2007), Montbéliard; Jetlag No. 4, Pact Zollverein, Essen (2009); Norwegian Sculpture Biennal 2006, Vigelandsmuseet, Oslo; Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art 2006, Minneapolis; Brakstad Konsept, Oslo (2002).

Every concert of 9 Beet Stretch is very much a coopartion with venue and curator. 9 Beet Stretch has been installed in a wide range of spaces, from bedroom to huge industrial halls like the Kupfer Ironworks, and churches as the 11th century Bergen Cathedral (Borealis). In any space, good contemplation furniture makes a difference, and a venue would be greatly benefited by having a split between a dedicated listening space and a lounge of sorts where people can talk and socialize.

Future options I am looking at would be to work with light design (like the Hyperkinetik Video Machine by Alfredo Salomón), and / or furniture design, and / or set design, and / or choreography to make an extended experience out of a 9 Beet Strech concert.

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