Here is a selection of the response and feedback 9 Beet Stretch has received from people and press. I am trying to keep the links updated and functional at the best of my ability, but bear with me if some links turns out to be defunct:


• Alexander Rehding have published a book about Beethovens's Symphony No. 9. This is an incredible thoroughly dive into Beethovens 9th and in all its historical and musical aspects, and I am truly honored that 9 Beet Stretch plays an important role in this book.


• Read Mark Swed's concert review «Beethoven's lasting N-n-i-i-i-n-n-t-h-h» in The Los Angeles Times
• Read Kyle Gann's review «Norwegian Minimalist Raises Beethoven Molto Adagio Bar» in The Village Voice
• Read Philip Clark's article «Ludwig van – Beethoven's legacy 200 years on» in Gramophone
• Read Daniel J. Wakin's preview «Around the Clock, Beethoven Magnified» in The New York Times
• Read Ben Sisario's preview / interview «Beethoven's Ninth Around the Clock» in The New York Times
• Read Adrienne Gagnon's review / interview; «Sound Affects» in SFWeekly
• Read Scott Marshall's interview «Listening to Beethoven’s Ninth at the Speed of Light» in The Brooklyn Rail
• Read Ingvar Loco Nordin's review «Beethoven's 9th Symphony Stretched to a Duration of 24 Hours!» at Sonoloco Records
• Listen to Rekha Murty's interview «Closer to Eternity» on NPR's All Things Considered
• Listen to «Ruled by Time» a segment from WNYC's RadioLab program Time hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. Here used is a collage of reactions from audience at the concert of 9 Beet Stretch at 964 Natoma, San Francisco (more information on Aaron Ximm's Idea of Ninth)


• Helmut Hein «Virtuell-Suggestiv die Ganze Welt Geküsst», Mittelbayerische Zeitung
• Jürg-Peter Lienhard «Gummi-Beethoven»,


• Les Erlend Hammers anmeldelse, «Evigheten og En Dag» på
• Les Tommy Olssons anmeldelse, «By a far stretch» i Billedkunst

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